Part 1 - Classroom Lift Truck Safety Refresher Course
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Experienced Operator Refresher Training

Part 2 - Operator Practical On-Truck Evaluation & Testing

▪ Sample of Course Components:
▪ Lift Truck Critical Injury Accidents
▪ Occupational Health & Safety Legislation
▪ Material Handling ▪ Pedestrian Safety Awareness ▪ Workplace Specific Hazards
▪ Lift Truck Operating Procedures in Aisles, End of aisles, Intersections
▪ Lift Truck ▪ Load Stability ▪ Integrity ▪ Stability Triangle/Trapezoid
▪ Load Centers ▪ Combined Center of Gravity ▪ Lift Truck Operating Procedures and Practices
▪ Safe Material Handling Skills ▪ Propane Cylinder Changing, Handling and Storing Procedures
▪ Industrial Battery Safety - Cleaning, Watering, Charging​

▪ Pre-shift Inspection of Lift Truck
▪ Propane Safety - Cylinder Handling, Storing, Exchange Procedures
▪ Battery Safety - Inspecting, Cleaning, Watering + Charging Practices
▪ Safe Lift Truck Operating Practices

▪ Safe Load Handling Procedures, Pickup, Deposit, Stacking
▪ Plant, Warehouse, Ramp, Yard Safety​
▪ Loading Dock, Shipping/Receiving Safety​
A complete and comprehensive training report, operator certificates and ID cards (valid for 3 years) are issued on successful conclusion of all training courses.
Tel: 705-436-6303
Experienced operators with a number of years practical “On-Truck” experience who have had previous classroom safety theory training, were evaluated and have (documented proof, certificate or wallet ID card) may only require this 4 Hour Refresher Course. The refresher training class consists of a concentrated review of fundamentals in lift truck, propane and battery safety, lift truck & load handling operating procedures and concludes with a written multiple choice exam. This 4 hour Refresher Course contains subject matter which is relevant to the certification of lift truck operators on ITA Class I, II, III, IV and V Lift Trucks.

It must be appreciated that the refresher course is not intended for new or inexperienced operators or those who have never had any formal classroom theory training since participants would lack the necessary overall knowledge of subject matter covered in this concerted 4 hour review.​​

​Safety 1st Fork Lift Training Inc. programs are site-specific. All courses, instructions ​and practical on-truck training including operator evaluations are done on client’s premises. Operators are tested under actual plant/warehouse operating situations encountered ​by the operator, on the specific lift truck he/she is or will be authorized to operate.​​​

Please be aware that the refresher course is not intended for new or inexperienced operators or those who have never had any formal classroom theory training.
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